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Description for Lookah Ice Cream

The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer is the first herb vaporizer from Lookah. It features a nano-black ceramic heating element for a purer taste.

Dry herb vaporizers are a smooth way to enjoy your plant products, such as tobacco, mullein, sage, mint, etc., without tearing up your throat.
Because you vape below combustion temperatures, there's no smoke and very little smell making it the subtle way to enjoy your herb when out and about.

The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer pen has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F to 446F and has a preheat setting. The incremental temperature settings are denoted by an LED light and set by double-tapping the power button.

This conduction vaporizer allows you to vape your herb of choice and release all the flavanoids and terpenes without scorching the flower and ruining the flavor.

At just 115x35x38.2mm and weighing only 75g, it's easy to take almost anywhere for discrete vaping on the go. The 16.5x10mm chamber can hold enough material for a nice session, like smoking but with flavorsome vapor and no smoke. 
You'll enjoy dozens of flavorsome hits when the 950mAh battery is fully charged, which is easily done via the included micro USB lead.

The temperature settings:
Level 1:Green-392F ( GETTING STARTED: Low temperature with less vapor, plenty of terpenes and rich flavor, suitable for first hits on the fresh chamber of flower and flavor chasers)
Level 2: Blue-410F (LIGHTLY TOASTED: Good and smooth taste, slightly hotter vapor with a good level of release, pleasant and tasty)
Level 3: Purple-428F (HALF BAKED: Smooth and more robust vapor, slight flavor loss, suitable towards the end of a session, relaxing and deep)
Level 4: White-446F (FULLY BAKED: Maximum vapor production, but high terpenes and flavor depletion, maximum volatilization, suitable for experienced users or for when you want to really blast off)

How to use the Ice Cream Vaporizer

Before using, ensure the device is fully charged. To charge from 0 to 100% takes about 2-2.5 hours with the USB charging lead. The light will turn green when fully charged. 

Ensure the heating chamber is clean. If this is your first time using a brand new vaporizer, then cycle through the heat cycle at the highest temperature setting before loading your first lot of plant product.

  1. Grind your herb to a relatively fine consistency.
  2. Open the magnetic mouthpiece, load the herb into the nano-ceramic chamber. Do not overload the chamber.
  3. Press the button 5 times in 2 seconds to turn it on. 
  4.  Once turned on, the device will start to preheat to the set temperature. While heating up the LED will flash the corresponding color of the set temperature.

Level 1:Green-392F

Level 2: Blue-410F

Level 3: Purple-428F

Level 4: White-446F

You can cycle through each of the temperatures by pressing the power button once.

5. When the set temperature is reached, the device will vibrate, and the light will turn solid. 

6. You can now begin to take gentle puffs from the mouthpiece. 

7. The device will remain at the set temperature for 240 seconds, giving you 4 minutes of vaping time. 

After the herb decarbs, you will get more great hits. 

8) You can adjust the temperature to release and consume the different compounds and flavors from the same herb in subsequent cycles. 


Ice Cream Dry Herb VaporizerIce Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 2Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 3Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 4Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 5Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 6Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 7Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 8


Works great! An after reading other reviews. I take the top piece off after each session for a few minutes so it will cool down quicker. Hasn't cracked yet!!
I love how well put together it is and the flavor it gives you is amazing.
I really like this vaporizer!! It is easy to use and the flavor is good. I gave 4 stars because there could be little improvements. Like most portable dry herb vaporizers, the battery doesn't last long. I would like the US-C charger, a clam shell lid (like the Swordfish), and the mouth piece stem to be as long as the Swordfish. I have been using the Seahorse connection hose with my Swordfish. I'd like to do the same with the Ice Cream, but I don't get a good connection. maybe an o-ring around the stem to seal the hose connector?!? hmmm...

Buy it, you will like it and for the price its hard to beat.
It works very well but the battery dies quickly and the top got hot the 1st time using it and cracked but besides just those 2 things it's great
Jury is still out on this !?
This is by far the best of the best vaporizer I have ever tried, burns even and without having to stir or anything else, also , auto shut off!!!!! Turn on,, puff, and chill, just the way is supposed to be
Love this vape! Been using it for a month now. Burns evenly, no stirring needed, and it heats up fast. I have been using the divinci IQ2 which I thought was good until I used the ice cream. IQ heats up a lot slower and I could never get it to burn even without stopping and stirring. For a third of the price. Well worth it.
This device, more than meets the eye. It's small enough to fit in the hand, pocket, or small case, yet incredibly powerful, well built, great quality dry herb vape. I definitely recommend. The one thing that could be better is battery life. But it's not terribly short.
So if there is anyone out there that is thinking about how incredible this little guy is, you are right!!! This is, by far, the most enjoyable organic experience you can have straight from flower to body. The taste is unimaginable. I had no idea that this would taste so good. No mess. All steamy goodness straight from the flower. I've recommended this product to almost everyone I know that enjoys herb. Buy it, you will like it.
Works as described
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Ice Cream User Manual 1 of 2 (ice-cream-1.jpg, 821 Kb) [Download]

Ice Cream User Manual 2 of 2 (ice-cream-2.jpg, 780 Kb) [Download]

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