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Lookah Q7 mini enail banger fit onto Water Pipes and dab rigs

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Description for Lookah Q7 mini enail banger fit onto Water Pipes and dab rigs


Lookah Q7 is a portable electric dab nail professionally designed for wax as a mini enail banger.

Double layer quartz coil with patented technology, cold start technology, real-time temperature control technology combine to ensure the taste pure and smooth taste to the greatest extent possible.

The Q7's was the first of its kind to apply a quartz heating chamber with temperature sensor, this provide the real temperature setting so you can enjoy the best taste and pure flavor with all your concentrates. 

Lookah Q7 as a quartz banger enail can fit onto any 14mm or 18mm water pipe.

The screen displays temperature and battery information which provides a very familiar experience in an easy to use device.

Constant temperature between 200°F and 750°F so it can be used for more types of wax.

Q7 featured with

1) Cold start dab for WAX. Pre-heat function.

2) Designed for compatibility with any glass water pipe.

3) Constant temperature between 200°F and 750°F, Safe to dab.

4) 100% QUARTZ Chamber and QUARTZ dish, Wax does not come into contact with the coil, no there is no burnt taste, only the pure and original flavor.

5) Easy to clean

6) Class-A battery quality, 3300mAh, Long battery life.

7) Durable Quartz Quality Enail coil.

8) Magnetic slid cap, easy to use.


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It's an awesome little piece of electronics. It does as it says
Having experienced this rig for a few months now I can say without a doubt that there never been a more enjoyable experience. From the incredible customer service to the use itself the quality is unmatched.
I have loved the experience with this device and can say without a doubt it is the best option for maximizing the experience. The only thing that keeps it from a 5 star is the inability to change out the quartz disk should it break.
7-day shipping that is super amazing and the quality looks spot on thank you guys for the great product and super fast shipping...
Works pretty decent. Not sure why but I feel like it wastes some of the wax.
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Q7 User Manual 1 of 2 (Q7_1.jpg, 1,473 Kb) [Download]

Q7 User Manual 2 of 2 (Q7_2.jpg, 1,826 Kb) [Download]

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