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Dab Vaporizer

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LOOKAH Q7-THE BEST ENAIL DAB KIT OF 2020 Lookah Q7 is a portable electric dab nail professionally designed...
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Lookah Q8 is a portable e-Neil evaporator designed for wax oil, which can be used on the road. Lookah Q8 integrates...

Enails, Electronic Nails & Erigs


Electronic Nail (or E-Nail) is an evolutionary step in dabbing that removes the need for a torch. An e nail gives greater temperature control, so heating dabs isn't a game of guesswork. You'll enjoy the full flavor from your concentrates without worrying about overheating. 

For the daily dabber buying an enail is a no brainer!

What is an enail?

An electric dab nail is a dab rig accessory that attached to your water pipe. It allows you to vaporize concentrates such as waxes or dabs without needing a torch or butane burner. It has a built-in heating element and a power pack.

How does an E-nail work?

The first enails had a heating coil that could be set to the desired temperature. This e nail then transferred heat to the banger through conduction. The dabber would then use their rig as in a typical dabbing session but without the need for a butane torch. 

Portable enails like the Lookah Q8 and Q7 replace the traditional dab rig banger. They have a preheat function and hold wax or other concentrates in a chamber. Once the preset temperature is achieved, the enail can be attached directly to a dab rig to enjoy a precisions dabbing experience. 

The great benefit of these electric dab nails is this ability to produce a consistent temperature. With the butane torch method, you have to play a guessing game as the nail heats up. Is the temperature sufficient for thorough vaporization or is there excess heat that will burn the wax or oil, resulting in a loss of flavor. This consistency means you can explore the full flavor of your favorite cannabis concentrates by pinpointing the perfect temperature. This not only helps conserve your wax; it's much cleaner, so maintains your dab rig and reduces the need for cleaning as frequently. Lookah has some of the best enails for sale at our online headshop.