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Enail & Dab Vaporizer | Lookah

Enails, Electronic Nails

Electronic Nail (or E-Nail) is an evolutionary step in dabbing that removes the need for a torch. An E nail gives greater temperature control, so heating dabs isn't a game of guesswork. You'll enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates without worrying about overheating. 

For the daily dabber buying an electronic nail is a no-brainer!

What is an Enail?

An electric dab nail is a dab rig accessory that is attached to your water pipe. It allows you to vaporize concentrates such as oils, waxes, e-liquid, or dabs without needing a torch or butane burner. It has a built-in heating element and a power pack. When taking a dab with an electronic nail you will have better control of the temperature so can ensure none of the flavors and potency is lost. 

How does an E-nail work?

The first electronic nails had a heating coil that could be set to the desired temperature. This e-nail then transferred heat to the banger through conduction. The dabber would then use their rig as in a typical dabbing session but without the need for a butane torch. These older devices were typically mains power and had a power cable to plug into a wall socket.  

Portable enails like the Lookah Q8 and Q7 replace the traditional dab rig banger. These battery-powered devices don't need any power leads so they are easy to use anywhere. They have a preheat function and hold wax or other concentrates in a chamber. Once the preset temperature is achieved, the enail can be attached directly to a dab rig to enjoy a precisions dabbing experience. 

The great benefit of these electric dab nails is their ability to produce a consistent temperature. With the butane torch method, you have to play a guessing game as the nail heats up. Is the temperature sufficient for thorough vaporization or is there excess heat that will burn the wax or oil, resulting in a loss of flavor. This consistency means you can explore the full flavor of your favorite herb concentrates by pinpointing the perfect temperature. This not only helps conserve your wax; it's much cleaner, so maintains your dab rig and reduces the need for cleaning as frequently. Lookah has some of the best enails for sale at our online headshop. 

Lookah Q7 Electric Dab Rig/Enail Dab

The Q7 enail fits 14mm pipes and comes with a silicone sheath for 18mm joint water pipes, turning them into an electric dab rig. This electric nail uses a double-layer quartz coil with patented technology. You can set the temperature between 200°F and 750°F. Just turn it on, set the temperature, and it will heat up at lightning speed. Once ready, it will vibrate once letting you know its ready for action. Drop in a tasty nugget of your wax or favored concentrate like rosin, bubble hash, budder, or crumble, then close the lid with a built-in carb cap and start dabbing away as it maintains the set temp for 60 seconds. There are no cables or torches, making it an excellent portable enail for smooth, easy dabbing. With a full charge the battery life will provide several dabs.

Lookah Q8 Enail

A more compact version of the enail is the Lookah Q8. Unlike the Q7, this wax vaporizer can be hit directly without a water pipe. Or you can use it with your water pipe, making for a smoother tasting electric dab rig that vapes your wax and brings smooth tasting filtration to your best concentrates.

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