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Lookah Swordfish Wax Pen

Lookah Swordfish Wax Pen

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Description for Lookah Swordfish Wax Pen

The LOOKAH Swordfish wax pen is a portable vaporizer for wax concentrates.

  • Compatible with LOOKAH 710 Wax Cart Series
  • Magnetic flip-top for easy loading
  • Dab tool built into the base
  • Small and convenient size
  • Powerful 950mAh battery

The LOOKAH Swordfish uses our proprietary 710 quartz coils. These wax vaporizer coils use a porous quartz plate, which heats quickly and produces excellent clouds. 

Three voltage settings allow you to control the intensity of your vaping session. 

The lower voltage setting preserves your wax's incredible terpenes and flavonoids. As the voltage goes up, so does the temperature, which allows you to create massive rips. This is all powered by a 950mAh built-in battery. 

The Swodfish's streamlined design was inspired by the depths of the ocean where the elusive swordfish hunts. 

A clamshell bracket with a magnetic lid snaps open for easy access to the atomizing dish.

 With the built-in dab tool in the base, you can drop a little nugget of your favorite wax into the atomizer. Snap the lid shut, and you're ready to start. 

How to use the Swordfish vape pen

1) Turn the swordfish vape pen on/off with five (5) quick button presses. 

The device will start a preheat function while the lights flash in sequence. 

2) Once preheated, you can adjust the voltage by clicking the power button twice. 

Choose from three voltage settings: 

Green at 3.5V, Blue at 3.7V, or White at 3.9V. 

3) When you're ready to dab, press and hold the power button and enjoy the cotton candy clouds of potent, tasty vapor. 

The device will power off if you leave it for 5 minutes without using it. 

With a 950mAh built-in battery, two atomizing cups, and a USB C for charging, this little pocket-size vape is a great way to stay medicated throughout the day. 

How to clean the Swordfish dab pen

1) Turn off the device. Five clicks on the power button. 

2) Remove the atomizer coil by unscrewing it.

3) Use a Qtip and some isopropyl alcohol to clean around the inside of the coil. 

4) Use a Qtip and some isopropyl alcohol to clean around the threaded area where the atomizer screws in. 

5) unscrew the mouthpiece retaining screw and remove the mouthpiece. 

6) Clean the mouthpiece in warm, soapy water, then dry it.

7) Replace the mouthpiece and the atomizer.

Kit comes with

1 Swordfish Dab Vape

2 Quartz Atomizer Coil (Type A, 710 thread)

1 Dab Tool

1 User Manual


1) Battery: 950mAh

2) Auto Preheat

3) Easy to Clean

4) Replaceable 710 Coils

5) Transparent Plastic Mouthpiece


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Love Lookah - they have great quality pens and awesome customer service if you need something. They are all I buy now
Works great its perfect for every day use
its nice when it works but more often than not it takes so much sucking to get anything out.
I bought the Lookah swordfish and be honest I wasn't expecting an awesome product like I got. This shipping was extremely fast as well and I would definitely recommend the swordfish. Have a great day!
I give the Swordfish 4
I love it! It’s the perfect size and it’s easy to use.
Great company, shipping was fantastic. The shipping took less than a week, and the product came to me in perfect condition. I have no complaints at all
really strong hits with the white mode, saves wax as well I only been applying about half the wax I use to and getting more hits out of it,
clean hits too little cough, battery & coils last a long time.

* if you are using DaBox throw it away and get this ...
Great wax burner best one I have used. Would recommend to anyone looking to get rid of the pens because this is exactly what your looking for. The only thing that I can even think of to ask for in this product is maybe a 2nd or 3rd quartz coil replacement in the box instead of just 2 extra. If your looking for the best compact extract burner look no further just buy one and enjoy the amazing product!
I love this device! The hits are smooth and tasty. The battery life lasts quite some time. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a portable vaping device.
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Swordfish User Maual (swordfish__instructions.pdf, 1,678 Kb) [Download]

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