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Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅰ-Best Quartz Coil Provide the best smooth taste and is dabbing healthier.

Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅰ-Best Quartz Coil

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Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅰ-Best Quartz Coil Provide the best smooth taste and is dabbing healthier.
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Description for Lookah Seahorse Coil Ⅰ-Best Quartz Coil

Lookah Seahorse and Lookah Seahorse Pro tips. These 510 coils offer the richest flavor when dabbing wax and concentrate with your Lookah dab pen. 

**To ensure the quartz tip lasts as long as possible, make sure you fully burn all the concentrates off the tip after each dab. If you leave concentrates on the tip or inside the airways it will harden and possibly ruin or wear out the coil prematurely. **

**Don't clean the quartz or ceramic tip with the cleaning brush or any liquids/solvents, as this can damage the tip.**

**Do not dip the coils into the concentrate.  This will cause oversaturating of the coil, clogging the coils, and decreasing the vaporization rate. It is recommended to slightly touch the edge of the tip on the coil to the concentrates, not dipping it into the concentrate.**

When dabbing with the Seahorse Quartz Coil-Ⅰ tip you just need to set your desired heat and then place a small amount of wax or concentrate on the tip. Don’t push the tip onto a hard surface as the delicate quartz coil could easily be damaged.

Don't place the top of the tip flat against the concentrate as this can clog the airway. Tilt the vape pen so the tip and the concentrate are at 45 degrees, and the concentrate is applied to the edge of the tip.

For harder concentrates, the Seahorse Coil-Ⅱ ceramic tip works better.

Lookah Seahorse Quartz Coil-Ⅰ, is the best wax pen coil to smoke dabs without a rig.

As a 510 thread cartridge, it can fit all Lookah Seahorse Series products.

Quartz Coils Provide the best smooth taste and healthier dabbing.

1.2 Ω Resistance

Pack contains 5 coils. 


Work great, just wish they lasted longer.
great coils lookah = quality
So far these are my favorite tips, I've yet to have one die but having a fresh one tastes a lot better.
If you looove a dab whenever wherever this is the tool you need!
Love my seahorse.
Had to get More
Works great for a clean and healthier experience for me.

Online experience was great
Favorite of the coils and Favorite way to dab.
I love my hookah device and love the coils I chose for it because I can really get the taste and diff notes of my concentrates. If your looking for that, I would choose these coils
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