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Description for Seahorse Queen Electric Nectar Collector

LOOKAH Seahorse Queen is a variable voltage Electronic Nectar Collector. 

The three preset voltages let you choose between a full-flavor experience and cotton ball clouds. The large bubbler provides the all-important cooling to ensure a smooth taste and less irritation on the throat or lungs so you can enjoy more significant hits. 

The glass is interchangeable with the LOOKAH Dinosaur, Unicorn, and Seahorse Max vaporizers, which brings another level of customization. 

The Seahorse Queen device comes with two Lookah 510 seethrough quartz coils that deliver superior flavor and allow you to see the vapor production. This nectar collector can work with the other four Lookah Seahorse wax coils, giving users a rich choice. 

Whether you are looking for the ultimate taste, large clouds, wax savings, or durability, you can find it in these coils.

The quartz tip is angled slightly to offer a better vaping experience, allowing you to see your wax container while inhaling so you can monitor your dosage.

The removable glass bubbler and direct airway make it easy to clean with the included cleaning brush. Just remove the tip and glass bubbler to clean the airway. 

But that's not all. The device features an 800mAh battery built-in and type C USB charging with pass-through technology, which means you can vape while recharging it. 

The ergonomic tactile power button and integrated stand design let you use the Seahorse Queen with one hand while the other can hold your wax concentrate to the tip. 

The anti-slip grip on the base of the Queen ensures it stands firm and gives complete control. The device is effortless to use, with an intuitive one-button interface and LED indicator lights. The lights around the side and under the glass bubbler illuminate according to the voltage setting while the device is heating, giving you a visual treat. The base also includes four LED lights to indicate the remaining battery charge in 25 percent increments.

How To Use the Seahorse Queen

Turn on/off the Seahorse Queen dab pen by pressing the power button five times quickly.

The light will flash three times in the color of the preset voltage to indicate whether it is on or off. 

Change the voltage

Press the power button twice to change the voltage. The 

The LED light on the side and under the bubbler will flash three times to indicate the voltage

Gree 3.2V, Blue 3.6V, or White 4V.

Manual Mode

To vape in manual mode, remove the tip cover from the device. 

Press and hold the power button to heat the atomizer tip. 

After a few seconds, bring your wax concentrate into contact with the atomizer tip and then inhale from the mouthpiece.

Session Mode

To vape in session mode, press the power button three times.

The LEDS on the device will flahs to show the device is preheatying. Once the coil has heated the lights will remain on while the tip is heated.

After the session mode is over, the device will return to standby mode. 

Features of the Seahorse Queen

LED Mode Information and Haptic Feedback

Large Bubbler for Smoother Hits

Three preset voltages

Built-in Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Over Charge Protection 

Easy to Use & Clean

Kit Comes With

1 LOOKAH Queen Electronic Nectar Collector

1 Tip Cover

2 510 Atomizer Coils

1 Cleaning Brush

1 User Manual


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