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Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Stand

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Description for Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Stand

Stand for the Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus.

This stand comes in three parts, the heavy round base with antislip bottom, a bent arm, and the cradle to hold the Seahorse Pro Plus vape.

The parts of the stand, the base, and arm will easily clip together but once clipped together can't easily be separated so please ensure the arm is the correct way around before connecting to the base. 
It is the perfect accessory that will hold your Seahorse Pro Plus securely in place as you vape or display it on your table and keep it out of harm's way when not in use. 

Please note this accessory is designed for the Seahorse Pro Plus and Seahorse Pro vape devices and will not fit or work with other Lookah Seahorse vapes or dab pens. 


We love our Lookah
Great addition for either Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus! Definitely needed if you add the water filter.
great to keep loo standing up
Really innovative and cool design, but a bit pricy for a little plastic.
Love this stand. If you are getting the bubbler attachment this is a must. But even stand alone you'll appreciate keeping your seahorse vertical.
Love it works great
Worth every penny!
This is cute and helps keep the seahorse off the table top while you’re in between doing dabs. I like it.
Works great!
Wish the stand was a little bit bigger but super durable product... Also the seahorse should not wiggle with it being clip in hope for changes after this review get posted.
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