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Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

Seahorse Pro Glass Mouthpiece Accessories

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Description for Seahorse Pro Glass Mouthpiece Accessories

Replacement glass mouthpiece for the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus vape pen. 

Please choose from Packs of 2 or Packs of 5. 

These glass tubes are mouthpiece replacements for use with the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus only.

If you accidentally break or damage the glass mouthpiece on your Seahorse Pro or Pro Plus and you want to buy the glass replacements by themselves, then these accessories are what you need. 

These mouthpieces are made from glass, so they are easy to clean and maintain with isopropyl alcohol and a tissue, cloth, or q-tip.

Glass is non-porous and, as such, has no odor, so any aroma is not altered. Materials such as wood or metal provide an additional flavor that some people do not enjoy. That's why we use glass with the seahorse pro and pro plus, as it preserves the taste. 

Each mouthpiece has external dimensions of approximately 78mm by 16mm, and an internal diameter of around 7mm on the narrow (mouthpiece) end to 12mm on the wide (vape) end.
The glass mouthpieces come with replacement O-rings. These are 10mm internal diameter, 1.5mm wide, and 11.5mm external diameter. 

Select Pack of 2 or Pack of 5 from the product options. 


Great product fast shipping
These seemed to be thicker glass than the tube that came with the pen originally.
Arrived earlier than I expected. Very happy with my purchase
These seem like they are thicker glass than the tube that came with our pen.
I'm clumsy after a session, so it's good to have extras.
Absolutely great customer service. Helped with replacement glass for my seahorse. Thanks for all the help.
Fits like it should, extra O rings included.
I bought replacements after I broke my original glass tube. They are perfect. They fit perfectly and they look exactly like the original so you can't even tell. It also came with a replacement rubber seal as well. Overall 10 out of 10.
Just what I needed.
I love the products! Dabbing on the go & the seahorse pro go hand in hand! The new new quartz tips in a tube are wonderful!. They are a little long and the looseness of the plastic magnetic cap makes it necessary for a travel case instead of carrying it in your pocket! I love it and highly recommend all lookah products!
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