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Lookah Seahorse PRO Accessories

Lookah Seahorse PRO Accessories Pack

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Description for Lookah Seahorse PRO Accessories Pack

The Seahorse Pro accessories kit lets you add a cool level of extra filtration to your dab pen joy by connecting it to a bong or water pipe.

This accessories kit includes everything you'll need to connect your Seahorse Pro dab pen to a water pipe.  The 14/18mm adapter will fit almost any bong or dab rig. With the 24cm connection hose, you'll have ample room to work with. The tip adapter slides over the mouthpiece of your Seahorse pro, and just in case you need an extra one of those, this kit comes with an extra glass mouthpiece. 

Kit comes with
1 Adapter 14/18mm 
1 Tip Adapter
1 Connection Hose (approx 24cm)
1 Glass Tube Seahorse Pro Mouthpiece


nice that i was able to get a replacement tube!
I have been using my new device frequently over the past 2 weeks or so…..
This was to ensure a proper review.
I have used the seahorse a lot, in the past. Had issues finding replacement parts, so I upgraded to swordfish and that was an awesome choice as it is a superior device. When the time came for replacement tip for the swordfish, I followed the same process and ordered mini unicorn. Best decision so far. It is not a 5 star review because I need replacement glass for the newer piece. Went to break it down for cleaning and it snapped at base where glass screws into magnetic adaptor. Fantastic product. Any discounts for a loyal Lookah customer?? Keep up the great work!
Honestly seems kinda pointless apart from the extra glass. Hopefully I won't need them but I definitely see the use for them. The pipe is just fine without adding anything else to it.
That being said great job on the seahorse pro. (really what's the green hose all about?) Thank you, D
The tube is made of silicone which tends to crimp easily and restricts airflow. It's possible to maneuver things so this is less impactful, so it's still a useful device. Just be aware of the limits.
Quite a useful accessory, though it does crimp. Needs careful handling.
I love my Lookah Seahorse. I just wish more places close to me carried the parts for it, finding the coils is easy, the glass tube, not so much.
Love the product, it’s great and convenient to carry around. Wasn’t too happy about not receiving shipping/tracking info, so had to inquire about it. Other than that, I’m pleased with the product.
Great product but shipping is not the greatest. The cost of shipping should not be almost as much as the item your buying
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