LOOKAH Q8 - Quartz Coil Dab Pen & Wax Pen Vaporizer Kit

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Description for LOOKAH Q8 Wax Pen Kit

LOOKAH Q8 Portable Wax Pen

The Q8 is a variable-temperature wax pen for dabbing on the go. It is our best portable vaporizer for wax concentrates with a huge battery life. 

Precision temperature settings in 5-degree increments let you find the perfect setting for your wax.

Choose from 200 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. With this precise temperature setting, you can recreate the perfect vaping experience every time with the Q8 wax vape pen. 

The quartz chamber in the Q8 wax pen is built-in. This integrated coil heats on the bottom and sides to give a more balanced heating profile, improving each dab's flavor. 

The constant temperature session mode means that when the coil heats up, it will remain at the pre-set temperature for a 60-second session, giving you ample vaping time to enjoy your wax. 

A large digital display shows the set temperature, current temperature, battery charge, and session time remaining, so you have all the necessary information in one place. 

Fast heat-up times ensure the coil goes from zero to your set temperature in seconds. So you won't have to wait to vape.

The 3000mAh battery capacity delivers a delivers powerful performance and allows the vape to go for days between charges. No more running out of power after just a few sessions; enjoy the freedom to vape on the go without needing to charge your device constantly. 

How to Use the Q8 Wax Pen

The LOOKAH Q8 is easy to use: simply slide off the magnetic mouthpiece and load the material into the chamber.

Slide the top back in place and then turn the device on with five clicks of the power button.

Use the plus and minus buttons to set your desired temperature between 200°F and 750°F. 

Press and hold the power button, and the vape will vibrate to let you know it is preheating. 

In about 15 seconds, it will vibrate and will then hold the set temperature for your 60-second session. After that, you can reset it and use it again as needed. 

LOOKAH Q8 built-in carbine cap with adjustable airflow. Inside the chamber is a quartz dish that heats up. This prevents the wax material from direct contact with the heating element of the coil. Because of that the LOOKAH Q8 provides pure and smooth taste. LOOKAH Q8 can be charged through USB charger with 5V/1000mA.

Q8 featured with 5V/1000mA.

1) For WAX. 100% QUARTZ Chamber and QUARTZ dish, Wax does not come into contact with coil, no burnt taste provides a purer and original flavor taste

2) Preheat function

3) Constant Temperature, Safe to dab.

4) Easy to clean 

5) Best portable vaporizer for wax

6) Affordable device compared with Puffco Peak

7)Long-life battery, Class-A battery quality

8)Temperature up to 750F

9) Durable Quartz Quality

10) Magnetic slid cap, easy to use.


Great Product! Durable, potent, easy to clean. Deliveries times are way too long. Easy to purchase & track you product.
I love the amount of battery life and the power options/temp control. You must absolutely invest in q-tips and your choice of liquid cleaner or have the handy abrasive wipes with cleaning solution on hand. It is possible to have the lid stuck to the device when excess wax is not consumed. Makes for a sticky situation making portability less fun. The picture of the “drop-in” dish is less than accurate.
Pro's - Battery life is phenomenal for a small device. Excellent and easy to use temp control. Small and discreet and looks just like a nicotine vape device. Medium easiness to clean and maintain.

Con's - Cannot remove dish to clean or replace. The inside does not look like the picture where it's a glass dish to load. It actually looks and seems to be metal sides with a quartz bottom. Very misleading and disappointing. Also, the air draw is not adjustable, and is wide open. It would be helpful to have control of the air draw, so as not to blast yourself off with one small inhale. Unless that's what you're going for.
The way it heat's up is cool, it feels good when I hit it and good taste, great for snowboarding,
It's just like a dab rig! It's got a really good hitting quality gets me high AF!! Love it
Nice feeling in the hand, clean hit, but could not get the dish removed to clean or replace, unicorn has better system
Nice piece, dig the temp controls. It's easy to load and clean. Hits like a sledge hammer. Kinda disappointed with the cap. Feels kinda cheap. Doesn't feel like it seals. Poor fitment. Mine broke into two pieces. Had to tape together. Otherwise when I remove cap, the bottom stays and the top comes off. But for quick rips on the go, I still put my puffco plus in my pocket. Cheers y'all, stay lifted!
Great taste, easy to clean, don't feel like I'm gonna break it by sticking a Q tip in. Best portable dab rig I've tried so far
I've had a few different vapes in the past and they weren't very good. Either the rips were weak, or the product was poorly made. The Lookah Q8, however, is a phenomenal vape. It rips like a rig - super easy to clean - and absolutely discreet for when you're on the go. I would highly recommend this vape to anyone looking for something easy to use, and worth the money.
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