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Lookah Snail 2.0 Vape Battery

Best 510 thread Battery,Metal body,Three levels of voltage regulation.

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Lookah Snail 2.0 Vape Battery
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Description for Snail 2.0 510 Thread Battery

LOOKAH Snail 2.0 Best 510 Vape

Lookah Snail 2.0 is one of the best 510 thread batteries for cartridges designed to utilize oil concentrate carts such as Exotic Carts, Smartcart, and other vape carts. 

It's the ultimate choice for vapes seeking a discreet and pocket-friendly vape battery. 

The Snail vape battery is smaller than most vape pen-style batteries and compatible with most 510-thread vape cartridges, making it ideal for use with THC or CBD oil carts. 

The Lookah Snail 510 threaded vape battery features a 350mAh capacity battery with a 510-thread connection. 

The Snail doesn't have temperature control heat settings; instead, it uses three variable voltage settings for temperature regulation. This is a similar way many vape mods and ecigs work. A different color LED indicates each voltage setting. With the indicator light moved to the top of the device, the Snail 2.0 makes it easier to see the settings at a glance. 

The Snail is not draw-activated but has a preheat mode, so it primes your cart before vaping. The best cart battery for use on the go, this discreet vape is pocket-friendly and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. 

How To Use The Snail Vape Battery

The Lookah Snail 2.0 features easy single-button operation.

Five (5) clicks will turn the unit on or off.

Two (2) clicks will adjust between three different voltage settings: 3.2V—3.6V—4.2V. The higher the voltage, the higher the temperature settings. This lets you adjust the voltage and enjoy more flavor or larger clouds as you desire. 

The integrated 350mAh battery is protected from over-time running, short-circuit, over-wattage, or overcharging. 

Once the voltage runs low, the LED blinks ten times to remind the user to charge the battery. After showing the low-power alert three (3) times, the system will lock the device until it has been recharged. 

The Lookah Snail 2.0 vape pen batteries are charged through the Micro-USB port with a USB adapter at 0.5A. While charging, the LED light remains red, and once it's fully charged, the LED light will change color to green.

Fully charged, the Snail has a battery life of about 30 to 40 uses, depending on the battery voltage setting, the type of 510 thread cartridges being used, and the vaping time for each hit. 

Lookah Snail can also be used with the 510 cartridges for wax and oil sold on the Lookah webpage. These allow you to vape your wax and other concentrates as you like. The best 510 battery from Lookah with preheat mode and ease of use is a great entry option for vapers. 

Please note the package content does not include oil cartridges. 

Package Content:
1  Snail Vape 2.0
1 User Manual

The package content does not include vape cartridges.


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Awesome fun little battery. These new versions with the LED on the top are great and much better than the old style.
Every single friend I have bought one of these gems. The snail is Lookah's best product but I'm also looking forward to buying the Ice Cream at some time in the future.
Awesome little battery. Love the LED light on the top so you can see the function and dont have to try and look through a cart full of dark liquid. This product is well thought out and FUN
Love it… love it….love it! This is the best pen ever! I have bought 6 of these for gifts for friends and they love it too! I highly recommend this pen!
Great product could use a better battery dies fairly quickly but work great for on the go nice compact design
10/10 for the look
Great shape! Small and compact.
Love the snail! Fits about 90% of the carts I've got.
I love my snails!!! So much better than the average battery I was getting for my vape cartridge. I bought 2 then bought two more because I like them sooo much.
Purchased a yellow and orange both for myself and girlfriend. We've always used wulfs and different cheaper stick batteries. Well the other day I had a coworker using one and I loved it. My only question why is one the orginal and the other is a 2.0 with the led light?
Love the purple snail!
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Snail User Manual 1 of 2 (Snail_1.jpg, 1,797 Kb) [Download]

Snail User Manual 2 of 2 (Snail_2.jpg, 1,424 Kb) [Download]