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Lookah LOAD 510 Vape Battery Limited Edition 16PCS Pack

Lookah LOAD 510 Limited Edition 16PCS

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Description for Lookah LOAD 510 Limited Edition 16PCS

Lookah LOAD Limited Edition 510 Vape Pen Battery 16PCS Pack

The Load vape pen battery is available in 4 limited edition colors. Rainbow, Gold, Teal, Black & White. 

The powerful mini vape pens pack a big punch with a 500mAh battery, 3 voltage settings (3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.0V), A digital display, and USB Type-C charging port. 

Pack includes: 
4 x Rainbow Load
4 x Gold Load
4 x Teal Load
4 x Black & White Load

**Note** Charging leads not included.