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Description for vape pen

Lookah FIREBEE Best 510 Vape Battery

Looking for a discreet and easy-to-use vape battery? The Lookah FIREBEE 510 thread battery is the perfect solution! 

With 650mAh of power and three preset voltage settings, you'll have temperature controls at your fingertips for the best vaping experience. 

At just 98mm long and 14mm in diameter, it's about the same size as a ballpoint pen, making it super portable and easy to slip into any pocket or purse. Plus, the digital display with a segmented readout showing the battery charge and voltage mode provides added convenience. A type C USB charging port makes it easy to recharge the vape device. When charging, the segmented display will flash and show the progress of the charging. 

And with overheating and overcharge protection, you can rest assured that you're always vaping safely. Choose from five colors: black, grey, red, blue, or orange. Get your Firebee 510 vape battery today and experience the ultimate in vaping pleasure!

How to Use the FIREBEE 510 Thread Battery.

To turn the device on/off, click the power button five times within 2 seconds. If a cartridge is attached, the digital display will show a countdown as the battery preheats. 

To change the voltage mode, double-click the power button. This will scroll through the three preset voltages shown as 1, 2, or 3 on the display. 

Mode 1, 3.2V Mode 2, 3.6V Mode 3, 4.0V. 

Press and hold the power button for up to 10 seconds to vape and inhale from the vape cartridge. 

The Lookah FIREBEE can be used with Lookah 510 thread vape cartridges and many 510 threaded prefilled and refillable cartridges. 

Error Warnings.

If the display shows "L" when you turn it on, it indicates the battery needs charging. 

If the display shows a "0" or "9", this indicates a short or open circuit. Please check the thread on the device. The cartridge thread is clean and makes a good connection. 

The Firebee will auto-turn off after 60 minutes of not being used.

Lookah Firebee Specifications

Built-in Battery: 650mAh
Charging Current: 380mA
Input Voltage: 5V
Resistance 0.6 to 5 Ohm
Three Variable Voltages

Firebee Features

- The Lookah FIREBEE 510 thread battery has 650mAh of power and three preset voltage settings

- The battery is 98mm long and 14mm in diameter, about the same size as a ballpoint pen

- The digital display shows the battery charge and voltage mode

- With overheating and overcharge protection, it ensures safe operation at all times

- The battery is available in five colors: black, grey, red, blue, or orange

Package contents.

1 x Firebee 510 thread vape battery. 


Great battery. Compared to other types this one pre heats and lasts longer with Less charging. I’ve gone through dozens of batteries until I found this one.
Great battery next purchase is the Seahorse Max dab pen. Can’t wait have 3 Seahorse pro pluses and love them.
Perfect works like a champ after a couple yrs
Works great!! Had for 2 yrs now still works like a champ
Superior 510 battery, 650 mah, sleek as hell
Fantastic little pen battery at the right price.
By far the best .510 pen battery I’ve found. Runs a little hotter than others but I prefer it! My favorite part is the battery meter. It’s just nice to know where you stand and I don’t think anyone does it better at this price point.
Very good for the price but not as small as comparable alternatives. LED screen is cool and helpful.
Not for wax for carts unless I am missing something
It works great has an indicator for how full the battery is . Only draw back is no instructions or device help just the pen. So note 5 clicks to turn on . 2 click rapid to change mode by number. 1.2 .3 . With a long lasting battery you won't need another . Way better than Ganesh pens.
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