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Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece

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Description for Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece

Replacement transparent plastic mouthpiece for the Swordfish wax vape pen. Like many of the Lookah vapes, the Swordfish has a clam-like bracket allowing easy access to load the vape. This bracket is not part of the mouthpiece kit. 
To clean the mouthpiece please remove it and soak it in warm water. Do not use isopropyl alcohol on the plastic mouthpiece as it will damage it. Be sure to rinse and dry the glass mouthpiece thoroughly after cleaning. 

Please note this item doesn't include the bracket or securing nut, It is the plastic mouthpiece with the magnetic base. 

How to change the Swordfish mouthpiece. 

**Note: When changing the mouthpiece on the Swordfish please take care not to lose the securing nut. **

1. Unscrew the nut (turn anti-clockwise) that holds the mouthpiece in place. 
2. Open the bracket
3. Remove the mouthpiece
4. Insert the new mouthpiece, and ensure the flat side, (labeled A in the picture) is lined up with the bracket (labeled B in the picture). 
5. Screw on the retaining nut (turn clockwise)

Package includes

3 x mouthpiece 


Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece 01Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece 02Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece 03Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece 04Lookah Swordfish Magnetic Mouthpiece 06


I love my Lookah but broke the mouthpiece. Parts can be pricey but I love it.
Good quality, easy to replace.
Just what I ordered got here in a timely manner
I haven't needed to replace yet but seems simple enough. The only thing I didn't like with the swordfish is, I wish there were a protective cover over the mouth piece since it's glass. I purchased a protective bag for it because I was afraid of breaking the mouth piece. Otherwise, very nice product!
Great to have a spare.
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