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710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils — D

710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils D

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710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils — D
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Description for 710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils D

710 Quartz Coil - Type D See-Through Atomizer,

All of these coils are Quartz for a pure taste. The 710 coils for the Lookah devices are as below. 
Type A - Best Taste
Type B - Best Vapor Production
Type C - Wax Saving
Type D - See Through
All come in packs of 5. 

When it's time for a new chamber for your 710 Seahorse X, Swordfish, or Mini Unicorn vape, these are the pieces you need. 

These coils are made specifically for your Lookah vaporizer pen. The quartz chamber heats up quickly, providing even heat to your concentrates, so you get better vaping results. They are best used with micro dabs, which allow the coil to heat the wax efficiently and avoid burning and wastage of excessive wax. 

Type D is a see-through atomizer with a large quartz chamber which means you can see how much wax is left.
It has a large surface area with good airflow and dual cores, This provides a good balance between taste and large clouds.

For all the coils, you want to try and place the concentrate in the middle of the quartz plate in the coil. 
Use small micro dabs to prevent the melted wax from bubbling over the sides and from excess wax melting into the porous quartz and causing the coils to clog. 

These 710 coils are made from quartz and have come in a pack of five pieces. They are suitable for use with the Dragon Egg, Q7 Mini, Seahorse X, Swordfish, and Mini Unicorn vaporizers from Lookah. 

Package content  5 x Quartz Coils


They were out of the a coil so I was forced to buy the D coil, I was not really impressed by the d coil.
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