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Prepare your lungs: This lab is ready to go, and it can handle the intake! This new glass bong looks incredible,...
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10″  “Beehive” Heavy Glass Water Pipe by TATAOO
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Tataoo's 10-inch "beehive" heavy-duty glass water pipe is a unique dab rig featuring honey bees in all their beauty....
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The Tower Of Power is as its name aptly suggests a big bong, This badass glass water pipe sits a whopping 19.9...
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This big bong glass water pipe has an impressive alchemical-looking construction to concoct up some heady hits. It...
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This intricate big bong by Lookah Glass is powered by mushroom magic! The first chamber starts with a colored...
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This Lookah Glass Platinum Collection water pipe is the creation of a mad scientist, but pure genius needs a little...
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This single chamber powerhouse is another majestic creation courtesy of Lookah Glass. If you’re looking to make an...
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This glass percolator bong has all the features you need to optimally enjoy your favorite herbs in style while still...
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The Magic Raindrop glass bong is a wonderland of art reflected on the form of this water pipe with artistic green...
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The input of three airflow sources makes for natural percolation and more bubbles up top, before all three arms and...
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The joint leading into the pipe is almost six inches long, and ends in a small bubble in the lower chamber with a...
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The body of this glass dab rig appears to be gargantuan. But it's not as large as it appears at first glance as...
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This classic water glass pipe stands right at 17.9 inches tall. It's a big bong that stands out and is perfect for...
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Ready for the big time? Of course you are. Take your game to the next level with this aqua-accented beast by Lookah...
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This complex water pipe looks like it’s part of a scientist’s lab set. Its multiple percs combine to build a...
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