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Nude Silicone Pipe

Nude Silicone Pipe

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Description for Silicone Pipe



material: Silicone

description: Products include:

1 X Nude Silicone Pipe

Safe material: 

Made of medical-grade silicone, non-toxic and odorless to ensure the user's health.

Distinguishing Feature or Quality:

HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: Silicone material can withstand extreme temperatures, is both high and low temperature resistant, not easy to break. 


A smooth surface and soft material make cleaning easy, can be easily rinsed with water or use cleaning tools. 

Aesthetically pleasing design: The nude color design mimics a natural look, providing a simple yet natural aesthetic. 

Comfortable Touch: 

The soft texture of the silicone provides a good feel and is more comfortable to use.

DURABILITY: The elasticity and durability of silicone make it a smoking tool for long-term use. 


 even if accidentally dropped, the silicone bong is unlikely to break or be damaged.

PORTABILITY: Lightweight material and compact design make it easy to carry.

Personalization options:

may be available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit different user preferences.

EASY MAINTENANCE: No special maintenance is required and the bong stays in good condition even after a long time of use.