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Pickle Silicone Hand Pipe With Glass Bowl

Pickle Silicone Hand Pipe With Glass Bowl

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Description for Pickle Silicone Hand Pipe With Glass Bowl

This silicone hand pipe is shaped like a pickled gherkin and has a cute smiley face. This fun little pipe has a glass bowl that helps ensure a pure flavor. The body is made from silicon, making it very durable and great for use on the go. 
Rather than a single hole in the bottom, this glass herb bowl has a cluster of small holes. This works as a screen and prevents ash and herb particles from being pulled into the pipe and your mouth when smoking. 
The pipe has a carb hole at the end, which can be easily covered by your finger, and then the pipe is held and smoked. This lets you control the airflow and clear the pipe. 
If you're looking for a fun pipe with a cool theme, this pickle-theme silicone pipe is a perfect choice. 

Specification :

Material: Silicone Glass


Weight: 50g

Color: Random


Package Contents:

1 x Silicone Hand Pipe

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