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Credit Card Smoking Pipe 2pcs

Credit Card Smoking Pipe

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Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  1Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  2Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  3Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  4Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  6Portable Detachable Card Smoking Pipe  8

Description for Credit Card Smoking Pipe

This portable discreet smoking pipe looks like a credit card. This flat-pack pipe is easy to slip into your wallet. It is made from a few slivers of metal and with a small bowl. If you want the unique and discreet pipe that nobody expects this credit card pipe is just the ticket. This novelty pipe may not have a big bowl but its unique design and ease of use are sure to attract a lot of fans. If you're on the go and need a discreet pipe to hit then look no further than this credit card pipe. The pipe can also be taken apart for easy cleaning. It's the perfect travel buddy for those who like to smoke.  


Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 83x50mm

Weight: 53g


Package Include:

2*Smoking Pipe

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