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Brass Smoking Pipe With Stash Storage

Brass Smoking Pipe With Stash Storage | LOOKAH

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Description for Brass Smoking Pipe With Stash Storage | LOOKAH

An all-in-one brass pipe has a stash tube for herb storage the screws into the side of it. 
The pipe has an easy-to-open lid and ash/tar catcher. The mouthpiece needs to be removed first then the cap for the stash tube can be removed. Once you pack the bowl, screw the narrow rod back in place, as this forms the mouthpiece. 
This CNC machined brass pipe is easy to use and even comes with a poker for cleaning the ask and scraping off any tar residue. 

A perfect all-in-one and virtually unbreakable brass pipe for partygoers. It's just so neat and so convenient.


Material: Brass

Length: approx.3.38inch

Weight: 80g


Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe

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