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Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes 2PCS

Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes

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Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes 2PCS, Type: Straight Bit
Straight Bit  
Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes 2PCS, Type: Bent Bit
Bent Bit  
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Description for Corn Cob Tobacco Pipes

The corn cob pipe is made from the porous husk of corn that has been dried out and then carved. Unlike briar and other wooden bowl pipes, the corn cob doesn't need a carbon cake. The porous pipe absorbs moisture from the tobacco and gives a smooth, dryer smoking experience. The first few smokes maybe sweet, but after that, the pipe holds no background flavors and is a good way to taste the pure flavor of your tobacco. This set of two pipes is available with a bent or straight bit.


Material: Corn Cob / Wood / ABS




Package List:

2 x Tobacco Pipe

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