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Briar Smoking Gandalf Pipe

Briar Gandalf Pipe

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Description for Briar Gandalf Pipe

This Gandalf pipe has the typical long stem that connects to a briar wood bowl for pure smoking pleasure. The long stem on this pipe will help cool the smoke, and it has the added benefit of making it look really cool as well. If you like to sit completing the world with a stylish pipe in hand, enjoying a smoke of your favorite herb, then a Gandalf pipe is the perfect option. 

The stem of this pipe is removable for easy cleaning, and the deep bowl allows for a good amount of herb to be packed so you can enjoy a long smoking session, whether at home or out walking. 


Material: Briar

Full Length: 18cm

Height: 4cm

Weight: 27g

Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe

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