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Nut 'N' Bolt Smoking Pipe

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Description for Nut 'N' Bolt Smoking Pipe

This Nut 'n' Bolt smoking pipe is a retro pipe with old-school charm. It looks like a simple nut and bolt at first glance but on closer inspection, it is a well-disguised hand pipe. 

You can store this in plain sight in the top of your toolbox or workbench, and it easily converts into a nifty smoking pipe in a matter of seconds. The bowl has a built-in screen, and the pipe itself unscrews into four parts for easy cleaning. 
If you want a nice machined pipe that is lightweight, durable, and portable, then this nut n bold pipe is a perfect choice. 


Material: Metal

Length: 83mm

Weight: 24g


Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe

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