Hammer Shape Metal Pipe

Hammer Shape Metal Pipe

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Description for Hammer Shape Metal Pipe

Hammer Shape Metal Smoke Pipe

This hammer-shaped metal smoking pipe is glass lined, which preserves the flavor of your herb. 

The long stem aids with cooling the smoke and is removable for easy cleaning. 
The hammerhead end of this pipe has a glass bowl built into it which features a mesh screen to prevent any small plant matter from being drawn into your mouth when inhaling. The pipe has a carb on the side and comes in two parts that are easy to clean with a pipe cleaner and warm water.  This hand pipe is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb.


Material: Metal + Glass

The Diameter of the Glass Bowl: is 0.66 Inches

Length: 5.31 Inches

Weight: 92g


Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe

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