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Resin Gandalf Pipe

Resin Gandalf Pipe

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Description for Resin Gandalf Pipe

Picture yourself strolling through the pleasant countryside past verdant hedgerows and bursting gardens, smoking the finest pipeweed in all the land. The only thing you need to make that come true is a Gandalf pipe like this. With its long, elegant stem, this Gandalf pipe is made from resin and looks the part.

The bowl has a metal interior built into the resin head. This durable and lightweight Gandalf pipe is a great option for thousands of smoking sessions and an ideal addition to your pipe collection. The pipe's bowl, stem, and mouthpiece are detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain. 


Material: Resin

Size: 16.2 inch

Weight: 82g


Package included:

1 x Smoking Pipe

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