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7-Hole Spoon Glass Pipe

7-Hole Spoon Glass Pipe

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Description for 7-Hole Spoon Glass Pipe

This glass spoon smoking pipe has 7 small holes in the center of the bowl rather than one large hole. These holes help work as a screen so you won't pull through any ash and the pipe has less chance of getting clogged with the burnt herb. 

At 4 inches long, this pipe remains small and compact, easy to lead and smoke from at home or on the go. It's the perfect smoking accessory allowing you to take quickly take hits without having to hassle with rolling your herb. The glass maintains a pure taste and ensures it's easy to clean. 


Material: Glass

Dimensions: 10 x4.5x3.8cm

Weight: 58g


Package includes:

1 x Glass Pipe

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I love this little pipe- perfect size no burnt hair -lol It’s not flimsy
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