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BIIGO Glass Spoon Pipe

BIIGO Glass Spoon Pipe

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Description for BIIGO Glass Spoon Pipe

At $55 this large glass spoon pipe made by Lookah under the BIIGO label has free shipping and ships from the USA.

The BIIGO glass hand pipe is a chunky glass spoon that's great for sharing.
It has a large bowl that measures about 22mm across and 20mm deep. This means you can pack if full of your favorite herb and share the pipe with a group of friends allowing each to sample the delights of its awesome smoking experience. 
The glass spoon pipe has a large carb on the side of the bowl and an 88mm neck that significantly cools your smoke.
The large mouthpieces create plenty of draw, so you can pull some truly massive rips from this awesome piece. 
If you want a good size hand pipe for parties and sharing with friends, yet something that's still portable, then this awesome pipe from Biigo is the one for you. 

Dimensions: 136mm x 60mm x 45mm
Weight: 132.7g (glass only)

Package Content
1 x BIIGO Glass Handpipe


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