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Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe 3 in 1

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Description for Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe 3 in 1

This twisty glass blunt means you don't have to mess about rolling a blunt. It is quicker and easier to pack than filling a cone. Just pack the glass blunt pipe with your favorite herb, screw in the metal spiral, and clip the rubber stopper over the end. When you want to have a smoke, take out the glass blunt, remove the cap, and light it up. 

The metal mouthpiece has a fine filter so only the smoke will come through into your mouth. You can even use this with water pipes as the tapered mouthpiece will fit most female downstems joints.  It is super easy to clean; just disassemble and clean in warm water using the brushes supplied. There is even a spare glass tube just in case you accidentally drop it, and it breaks. 

Glass Blunt Features

Easy use: The twisty design is the featured character of the glass blunt, making it easy and convenient to pack herbs or unpack herbs; you just need to screw it, and the herb ash will be pushed out of the tube, and you can enjoy fresh smoking.

Durable Material: The twisty glass blunt tube is made of thick glass,it is durable and not easy to break. This extends the glass blunt pipe’s lifespan; you don’t even need to change it during the whole lifespan.

Portable design: The compact design also considers the situation that one day you want to travel or leave home and need to take the weed device to smoke. The smart twisty glass blunt is the perfect one to take on the go.

Reusable: Twisty glass blunt is reusable, making it a more economical and eco-friendly option, and thus a smart choice for environmentally-conscious users

Overall, the twisty glass blunt pipe offers a convenient and innovative way to smoke herbs without the hassle of rolling papers or traditional pipes.


Material: Metal and Glass

Size: 12*1.7cm

Weight: 54g

Package includes

1 X Twisty Blunt Pipe

1 X Glass Tube

1 X Silicone Mouthpiece cover

2 X Cleaning Brush

2 X O Ring

2 X Silicone Cap

How to Use Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe?

For cannabis lovers, a joint is a common way to enjoy cannabis. However, rolling one may be challenging and inconvenient, especially for beginners. 

But now, the Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe perfectly solves this problem.In this article, we will guide you step by step through using the Twisty Glass Blunt.

 how to use a glass blunt

Step1. Remove screw: Start by unscrewing the screw from the glass tube. This will create a space for you to fill the glass blunt pipe with your desired herbs.

Step2. Fill the glass tube: Carefully fill the glass tube with your herbs. You can use a grinder to finely grind the herbs for better burning and airflow.

Step3. Twist the screw into tube: Once the glass tube is filled with herbs, twist the spiral screw back into place. This will compress the herbs inside the tube, preparing it for smoking.

how to use a glass blunt 2

Step4. Light up: With the herbs packed inside the glass blunt, light the end of the herbs with a lighter or a match. Make sure to inhale slowly to draw the smoke into the tube.

Step5. Twist the screw: As you smoke, twist the spiral screw slowly to push the ashes out and expose fresh herbs for a smooth and continuous smoking experience.

Step6. Wipe off ashes:If the ash doesn't fall off naturally, gently use the end of a lighter to remove it. This ensures a clean burn and allows you to continue enjoy your smoking experience without any interruptions.

By following these steps, you can effectively use a glass blunt to enjoy your favorite herbs in a convenient and stylish manner.

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