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Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece

Rosewood Gandalf Pipe

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Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece 1Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece 2Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece 3Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece 4Rosewood Gandalf Pipe with Two Mouthpiece 5

Description for Rosewood Gandalf Pipe

This pipe has a rosewood bowl with two stems: a short stem and a long Gandalf pipe stem. You can swap out the stem and mouthpiece as needed, changing it from a portable, pocket-friendly pipe to a more elegant, relaxed smoking pipe. 

The Gandalf mouthpiece stem is not just long, it's an impressive 27 centimeters from mouthpiece to bowl. This generous length ensures that the smoke has plenty of space to cool down, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience.

Rosewood is often used to make tobacco pipes. This hard and dense wood is reddish-brown in color. It is prized for its strength and beauty and, like briar wood, is often used for high-end pipes. 

Pipes made from rosewood are known for their smooth smoking experience. The wood will not heat us as much as some other woods used for smoking pipes, which means the smoke will be smoother. That makes this an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth, full-flavored smoking experience. 



Material: Rosewood & Resin

Full Length: 27.7cm

Height: 4.8cm

Weight: 45g


Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe

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