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Electroplated Creative Glass Pipe Model A

Electroplated Creative Glass Pipe Model A

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Description for Glass Pipe

Color: Assorted (Five Vibrant Colors) 

Size: 12.56 x 6.1 x 2.56 inches

Net Weight: 50 grams Material: Glass with Electroplated Finish

Description: The Electroplated Creative Glass Pipe Model A is a fusion of modern craftsmanship and vintage charm. 

This pipe is a testament to individuality and sophistication, featuring a striking color palette and a design that stands out. 

With its electroplated finish, it not only looks premium but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Product Packaging: Your purchase includes a complete set for a perfect smoking experience:

  • 1 X Glass Pipe with an electroplated finish


  • The electroplated finish adds a layer of durability and a high-end look.
  • The vibrant color options make each pipe a unique piece of art.
  • The design incorporates retro elements, showcasing a sense of style and character.
  • The lightweight and portable size makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.
  • The included accessories provide everything needed for pipe care and maintenance.

Applicable Places: This Electroplated Creative Glass Pipe Model A is perfect for personal use at home, for sharing with friends in a social setting, or as a gift for someone who appreciates distinctive and high-quality smoking accessories. 

It is suitable for any environment where smoking is permitted and adds a touch of elegance to the smoking ritual.

Please note that the color of the pipe is randomly selected from the available options, ensuring that each purchase is a delightful surprise. 

The pipe is intended for use with legal smoking materials only and should be handled with care to maintain its vibrant colors and premium finish.