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Alien Invasion Chillum pipe

Alien Invasion Chillum pipe

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Description for Chillum

This ad features 1 (one) ALIEN INVASION twisted stem, gold fumed 3 1/2" one hitter-sized pipe. 

This pipe is very well made from thick borosilicate glass, a spiral twisted inside, a flat flared mouthpiece, and various inside accent effects. 

This pipe will not roll away when lying on a flat surface due to the flared mouthpiece.  
This one hitter pipe is about 3 1/2" long and about 3/4" in outside diameter at the bowl area. 

The tobacco bowl itself is about 1/2" in diameter x 5/8" deep and is bucket-shaped with a slightly tapered bottom and a single hole at the bottom. 

The stem is about 1/2" in diameter by the bowl area and then expands to about 1/2" wide x 5/8" thick near the mouthpiece.  
This product is for tobacco use only.