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Rosewood Gandalf Pipe

Rosewood Gandalf Pipe

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Description for Rosewood Gandalf Pipe

This beautiful rosewood bowl pipe is a lovely addition to your collection and offers a smooth smoking experience. The long resin stem provides plenty of cooling for the smoke and it looks very elegant and makes for a lovely Gandalf pipe.

Smoking pipes made from rosewood are known for their smooth smoking experience.
Rosewood doesn't heat up as much as some other types of wooden pipes. This means the smoke is not as harsh. If you want a smooth, flavorful smoking experience, then rosewood is a popular option.


Material: Rosewood & Resin

Size: 16.2 inch

Weight: 95g


Package included:

1 x Smoking Pipe

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Only give 4 stars because it took forever to get here. Beautiful piece that will only be used as a prop.
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