LOOKAH 710 Shopping Festival

LOOKAH 710 Shopping Festival July 2023 (Promotion is ended)

710 Happy Dab Day Promotion.

It's that special time of the year again when smokers worldwide can celebrate all things OIL. If you are not familiar with this holiday, let us first welcome you to celebrate it with us. 

For 24 Hours, Get 10% Off All Lookah Products. Not available for store or wholesale accounts.  24 hours from 0:00 PST on 10th of July to 23:59 PST on 10th of July

**Does not include items in Lifestyle, Apparel, Accessories, and Bundles Sales categories**

What is 710 Day?

Most people familiar with cannabis, the old Maryjane, or marijuana will be familiar with the term 4/20. The story of that holiday goes back to the 70s. Well, 710 is the modern-day equivalent for dabbers, those who smoke cannabis oils and extracts.  

Why is 710 Dab Day?
The reason why 710 is the day of choice is that when you turn it upside down, it looks like the word 'OIL.' Go on, try it? See?

So July 10th or '710' became known as 'National Dab Day.' It was first thought to have come about in 2012. The same year Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis. This normalized the use of cannabis in the minds of many. It started a slow opening up for both recreational and medicinal purposes. 

When cannabis was illegal, making your own cannabis oils at home was a risky business. Not only was it illegal, but the process was highly combustible, and there was nothing in the way of quality control. However, since legalization regulation has been introduced and guidelines put in place to increase safety for consumers. Now people can choose from a vast range of cannabis concentrates such as wax, oils, dabs, shatter, oil cartridges, and the like.  

** 710 promotion is open to lookah.com retail users only. Not open to Wholesalers and Store accounts. 

**In order to spread the joy of dabbing, we're offering a promotional sale lasting 24 hours from 0:00 PST on 10th of July to 23:59 PST on 10th of July  HAPPY DAB DAY!!!!

Promotion period: from 07/10/2023 to 07/11/2023

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