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Stoner Ailen Tapestry

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Description for Stoner Ailen Tapestry

Stoner Ailen Tapestry

This tapestry features a crossed-legged alien, like a meditating yogi. Only rather than levitating, this Alien is sitting atop a flying saucer. 
With a fat blunt in one hand and a mighty bong in the other, the red-eyed little green man has undoubtedly been practicing the art of cannabis enjoyment.  
If you're ready to be beamed up for an out-of-this-world trip, this fantastic tapestry could be the perfect wall hanging for your home. 


Name: Tapestry

Shape: Rectangular.

Material: Polyester.

Craft: Printed

Use For: Bedroom, Bedside, Living room Decoration Painting



1. Brand new and high-quality Art Tapestry, Made from a high-quality polyester - Provides an elegant look and is silky soft to the touch! This conventional piece of art will make a complete makeover of your wall or room, or bed.

2. Tapestries are made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges, featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, these highly unique and versatile tapestries are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. These Tapestries Can be used as Picnic Blanket, Bed Covers, Beach towels, Yoga Mat, Table Cloth, Curtains and of course, as a Tapestry or a Wall Hanging Decor Throw, Beach Mat, or College Dorm bedspreads.

4. Machine washable - Hang dry only. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, tumble dry low, and don't bleach or iron.

Package Include: 1x Tapestry 

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