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Tapestries & Wall Hangings

Tapestries are ornamental fabrics that can be decorative and functional. Often in the form of a picture, used for wall hangings or furnishings. 

Traditionally wall tapestries are created by weaving different colored threads through a plain warp. The warp threads are stretched over a loom and act as a grid and structure for the colored thread to be woven onto. 

The tapestries listed for sale here are not of the woven decorative fabric type. They are printed onto high-quality polyester and feature rich and complex designs creating versatile decorative art pieces.

These tapestry wall hangings make the perfect addition to your home and are a superb way to completely makeover of your wall, room, or bed.

We have plenty of 420 tapestries and hazy or psychedelic art hangings featuring trippy mushrooms, blazed aliens, and rasta themes. Other wall hangings have geometric designs or feature majestic animals or scenery. 

Tapestry Material
These art tapestries are made from high-quality polyester, providing an elegant look and silky soft to the touch! 

The tapestries are made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges. These highly unique and versatile tapestries feature vivid colors and crisp lines, which are durable enough for indoor or outdoor use.

Top uses for tapestries.
Use the Tapestries to decorate your home as a wall hanging, throw, or cover for a sofa, tablecloth, or curtain. They are durable enough to use outside as picnic blankets, beach, or yoga mats.

How to care for tapestries?
These polyester tapestries are machine washable - Hang dry only. Machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry on low and don't bleach or iron.

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