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Portable Snuff Set

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Description for Portable Snuff Set

This snuff set is made from high-quality materials with just about everything you need to store your and take your dry snuff all packed into a handy carry case. 

The four snuff bullets, sometimes known as Sniffing Rockets, can be filled using the small funnel provided, avoiding any spillage. 

To use the snuff bullet, twist the little dial 3/4 of the way along its side to release a small amount into the nose cone of the bullet. The dial has a pointed end indicating which way it is oriented. 

Once the snuff is in the nose cone of the bullet, press it to your nostril and inhale. 

How to use a snuff bullet

  1. Turn the dial, so it is facing down, pointing towards the bottom of the snuff bullet.
  2. Turn the bullet so it is facing down towards the floor. Gravity will make your snuff enter the chamber in the dial. 
  3. Turn the dial 90 degrees so that it is facing sideways. That will capture the snuff within the chamber in the dial so as it cannot escape.
  4. Turn the bullet so it is facing upwards with the nose cone on the top. 
  5. Turn the dial 90 degrees to point upwards to the nose cone. The snuff will now be in the rotating chamber facing upwards.
  6. Place the nose cone to your nostril and sniff your stuff. 

This compact kit solves all the problems for snuff lovers and is the first choice when it comes to powdered tobacco snuff.

Material:  Metal Plastic Glass

Snuff Bullet Type One: 54 MM / 2.13 Inches

Snuff Bullet Type Two: 53 MM / 2.09 Inches

Snuff Bullet Type Three: 54 MM / 2.13 Inches

Snuff Bullet Type Four: 54 MM / 2.13 Inches

Snuff Spoon Type One: 83 MM / 3.26 Inches

Snuff Spoon Type Two: 59 MM / 2.32 Inches

Metal Container: 34MM * 46MM

Glass Jar: 64 MM / 2.52 Inches

Axe Snuff Spoon: 48 MM / 1.89 Inches

The Diameter of Funnel: 30 MM / 1.18 Inches

The Length of Funnel: 39 MM / 1.54 Inches

Glass Pane: 35 MM / 1.38 Inches

The Size of Carry Bag: 80MM * 116MM

Color: Random

Net Weight : 200 g / pack


Package Include :     

 4 x Aluminum Alloy Metal Snuff Bullet

 3 x  Metal Snuff Spoon

 1 x Aluminum Container

 1 x Glass Jar

 1 x Plastic Funnel      

 1 x Glass

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Love my pink looka bear. Works great. Great quality material. Worth every penny. I'll be buying more bears for birthday preaent
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