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Portable IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Description for Portable IPL Laser Hair Removal

This IPL hair removal device is a quick, easy, effective, and gentle way to stop hair growth on the skin. It works by using light to break the hair regrowth cycle without damaging the surrounding tissues. The results are gradual but will become more visible after each repeated treatment. 


1. 5 levels of light intensity

2. Manual/ automatic mode

3. Gentle, no nicks, painless

4. Suitable for the underarms, legs, bikini line, face, body, No side effects on skin or body.

5. Safe and effective for all types of skin

6. Quartz laser head, Durable, high-performance chip, fast light output



Flash times:990000

Illumination area: 3 CM²

Number of products: 5 gear

Weight: 221.1g

Size: 169*73*47mm



1. Shave and wash before hair removal

2. Connect the power and turn on

3. Choose the right intensity 

4. Do a good job of protection

5. Put it on the skin vertically and tightly Automatically identify skin pores

6. Adhere to use for 8 weeks


Package List:

1* IPL Hair Removal

1* Adapter

1* User Manual

1* IPL goggles

1* Shaving knife

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