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Pins & Brooches

Brooches and pins have been used for centuries to communicate class status, religion, marital status, or even hidden desires. 

Brooches were traditionally used as a functional item to help hold fabric together but are now usually just decorative. 

Pins are worn on the lapel, hat, or bag and can be used to identify a person's role or position in an organization. In the counter-culture movement, they have been used to show the wearers' alignment with a cause such as the anti-war, equal rights, or peace movement.

People aligned with a particular political movement or cause will wear campaign buttons to promote and show solidarity. 

Thanks partly to popular TV series like Game of Thrones and period dramas, decorative brooches have been making a comeback. Over the past few years, the world's most renowned fashion houses sent models down the runway adorned with brooches on silk scarves, lapels, and in their hair.

If you love brooches, we have some timeless pieces of jewelry to add to your collection. We also have a range of 420-style enamel pins and buttons that add an eye-catching accent to a lapel, hat, or bag and let you make a statement.  

Is a brooch and a pin the same thing?

A brooch is a decorative piece of jewelry that typically attaches with a rotating pin clasp. 

The terms brooch and pin are often used interchangeably. Although technically, "pin" refers to a smaller type of brooch.

Why wear a brooch?

The addition of a brooch never fails to add a little extra something special to an everyday outfit!

An intrinsically chic accessory, wearing a brooch will make the wearer feel more put-together. 

It adds class, simple elegance, and personality to any outfit while functionally clinching material together for added security.

Likewise, enamel pins are a cute and creative way to show off your individual style and spice up your outfit. Attach them to the lapel of your denim jacket, hat, or backpack. 

Try something less traditional

Looking to really stand out and go beyond the ordinary? Pins and brooches are wonderful accessories for jazzing up all parts of your outfit, literally from top to bottom.


Pins are a great way to add some zing to headgear, particularly hats like beanies, berets, baseball caps, and cloches. You can also dress up plain headbands by attaching a simple but sparkly brooch.


Add a splash of color to your old leather or canvas belt with a stylish brooch. Accenting your belt with an enamel pin or brooch will level up your outfit.

Bels have holes that are the perfect size to push pins through. Add one near the buckle to add a fresh design to a plain belt.


Give sandals a dressier look for a night out by attaching a pin to the straps. Make sure that your bauble is securely fastened and won't fall off the dance floor. Many fashion blogs show "smoking" flats dressed up with brooches and pins to give them a unique edge.

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