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Natural Crystal Orgonite Pyramid

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Description for Natural Crystal Orgonite Pyramid

This positive energy pyramid captures natural quartz crystals in a transparent epoxy. Orgonite refers to a type of energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst, in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
It is claimed that Orgone Energy helps battle the electromagnetic frequencies in the air. This is like chi, a healing chakra or meditation stone charged with positive energy.

Known as the protection stone, it can remove negative energy and help purify the mind. This crystal pyramid diagram represents luck and more luck in life, bless all those who have it. Widely used in yoga, meditation, and spirituality, people call it an energy generator. These pyramid crystals are decorative pieces for the office, study, or living room. You can put this beautiful pyramid on your desk, office, coffee table, or bookshelf as decoration to beautify your home.


Material: Crystal Epoxy

Size: 2.36x2.36x2.36in

Weight: 110g

 Package List:

1 X Orgonite Pyramid

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Great little pyramid its just as pictured and has a very drawing appeal, at least in my opinion. I suggest getting one of these beautiful orgone pyramids for not only they're luster but how they purify energy.
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