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Mini Shisha Hookah — 801

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Description for Mini Shisha Hookah — 801

This mini water pipe is used to filter tar, ash, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances from cigarettes and tobacco by filtering the smoke through water.

You can use the included bowl to smoke your tobacco or swap this out for a cigarette holder. It is made from a zinc alloy and plexiglass, so it is tough and robust. It has a compact form that means it's easy to use with one hand. 

Available in silver or gold colors and this kit is a great way to smoke in a cleaner way. 

How to Use

Remove the top from the device and fill the chamber between 1/3 and 1/2 way with water. Select the cigarette holder or tobacco bowl and push it into place on the top before putting the top back in place. 

Light the cigarette or tobacco and enjoy by inhaling through the mouthpiece. 


Color: Gold/Sliver

Material: Zinc Alloy / Plexiglass

Size: 60*32*146mm

Weight: 80g

Function: filter tobacco tar, reduce the harm of tar and nicotine on the human body


Packing includes:

1 x Plexiglass and zinc base
1 x Tobacco bowl
1 x Cigarette holder
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Spare parts 


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