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12 in 1 Snuff Set

12 in 1 Snuff Set

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Description for 12 in 1 Snuff Set

This 12-in-1 snuff set has everything you need to enjoy smokeless tobacco in your home.
The many accessories come packed in a durable case with a mesh accessories pouch.

There is a spice grinder, glass sheet, containers, snuff scoops, and funnel. This means you can easily can grind, sort, and store your different scented herbs, making them ready for use at home or on the go. 
This durable, practical sniffer set is a perfect gift for those who enjoy taking snuff and other tobacco products.


Net Weight: 470 g

Use: For Snuff


Package Include :

1 x Leather Tobacco Pouch

2 x Glass Pill Bottle with Spoon

1 x Glass Sheet

2 x Snuff Straw Sniffer

1 x Trophy Pipe Snuff

1 x Snuff Blade

1 x Spice Grinder

1 x Glass Pill Bottle

1 x Aluminum Alloy Stash Jar

1 x Plastic Funnel

1 x Aluminum Alloy Snuff Snorter

1 x Metal Snuff Spoon

1 x Black Bag


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