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EMS foot Massager (Rechargeable Version)

EMS foot Massager (Rechargeable Version)

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EMS foot Massager (Rechargeable Version)EMS foot Massager (Rechargeable Version)EMS foot Massager

Description for EMS foot Massager

EMS Smart Foot Massage Board is a portable electronic massage device designed to relieve muscle pain and fatigue through electrical current stimulation.

Name: EMS Intelligent Foot Massage Board
Material: Polypropylene, a lightweight, durable plastic material

Product Dimensions: 12.56 x 11.42 x 0.26 ( inch)

Packaging Dimensions: 13.0 x 6.10  x 1.54 ( inch)

Color: Pink、Black

Gross weight: 0.74 lbs.

Product Inclusions:

1 x foot cushion
1 x controller (powered)
1 X USB charging cable 
1 English instruction booklet
Product Functional Features:

Used to relieve muscle pain and soreness caused by sports or household activities, including shoulders, lumbar, back, back of neck, arms, legs, and feet.
With a variety of modes and intensity levels, users can choose the most appropriate settings according to their personal preferences and needs.
Ideal for a variety of people including office workers, outdoor enthusiasts, workers who stand for long periods of time and women who wear high heels to help relieve leg tension and muscle relaxation.
As a gift, this modern massager is ideal for friends and family.

Additional Features:

A digital display model with digital display allows users to visualize the current mode and intensity settings.
6 massage modes to provide a diverse massage experience to meet different needs.
9 intensity stops allow users to adjust the massage intensity according to their tolerance, ensuring that the massage is both comfortable and effective.
This EMS Smart Foot Massage Board is a multi-functional, easy-to-use massage tool for users who wish to enjoy a professional-grade massage experience at home or in the office.