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Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun

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Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun Detailed DrawingDigital Infrared Thermometer Gun Detailed DrawingDigital Infrared Thermometer Gun Detailed DrawingDigital Infrared Thermometer Gun Detailed Drawing

Description for Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun

The Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun is a non-contact temperature measurement tool.

It uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of a target object without direct contact with the surface.

Product Features

Ultra-wide measurement range: From -50°C to 600°C (-58°F to 1112°F), this infrared temperature gun can meet your multiple measurement needs from low to high temperatures.

High accuracy readings: Accuracy of up to ±1.5°C (±2.7°F) above 0°C (32°F) and ±3°C (±5.4°F) below 0°C ensures you get reliable temperature data.

High emissivity: The unit's 0.95 emissivity ensures accurate measurements on a wide range of surfaces.Superior Ranging Spot Ratio:  A 12:1 ranging spot ratio allows you to take accurate measurements at longer distances.

Wide Spectral Response: The 6-14 micron spectral response range covers the temperature measurement needs of most industrial and everyday applications.

High Resolution Display: 0.1°C/F resolution allows you to capture even the smallest temperature changes.

Fast Response Time: 500 milliseconds response time gives you instant results.CCCCC

portable design:  Lightweight size (145x78x43mm) and weight (124 grams) make it easy to take measurements anywhere.

Easy operation: Easy to start and use with just two 1.5V AAA batteries.

Comprehensive package

Includes an infrared temperature measuring gun and a detailed user manual to ensure that you can quickly master the use of the method.
Application Scenario

Home use: Quickly detect food temperature, indoor temperature, etc. to ensure comfort and safety.

Industrial applications: monitor the operating status of equipment, prevent overheating, and improve productivity.

Medical field: Non-contact temperature measurement, reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Research and Education: Laboratory temperature control, educational presentations, etc.

Why choose our Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun?

Our products meet the needs of a wide range of applications from home to professional fields with their accuracy, convenience, and versatility.
User-friendly design and detailed user manual ensure you can get started easily.

High-quality manufacturing and rigorous testing ensure the durability and reliability of the products.
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1 x Infrared temperature measuring gun
1 x User Manual
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