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Hexagram Shatkona With Cross Pendant

Hexagram Shatkona & Cross Pendant | LOOKAH

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Description for Hexagram Shatkona & Cross Pendant | LOOKAH

This Hexagram is a six-pointed star. When made from two interlocking triangles like this one it is known as the Shatkona (षट्कोण). This is a Hindu yantra symbol. The upper star is for Shiva, Purusha, while the lower star is for Shakti, Prakriti. The union of these gives birth to Sanat Kumara.  This symbol represents the male and female form as well as the union of masculine and feminine as a source of all creation. It is available in silver, golden or black finish and comes on a matching square link chain.


Material: Alloy

Pendant Size:3.05*4.4cm

Chain Length: 60cm

Weight: 20g


Package includes:

1 x Necklace

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