Two Ways Electric Herb Grinder

Electric Herb Grinder

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Description for Electric Herb Grinder

This electric herb grinder takes the effort out of shredding your herbs and grinding up spices. 

With a filter layer, it can remove the finer particles from your ground materials, separating them quickly for you to use as required. 

The weed grinder will rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to efficiently shred your herbs or other leaves and spices. 

A simple push button operates the grinder. The electric herb grinder is ideal for those who find twisting and turning traditional grinders difficult and those wishing to shred a significant amount in one go.

Specification :

Material: Aluminum alloy

Charging time: 2 Hours

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Input Voltage: 5v-1.0A


Weight: 238g

Package Contents:

1x Herb Grinder

1x USB cable

1x Cleaning brush

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