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Ashtray Smoke Grinder 4 Layers Herb Grinder

Ashtray Smoke Grinder 4 Layers Herb Grinder

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Description for Herb Grinder

Product Dimensions: 0.49" x 1.97" (53mm x 50mm)

Weight: 0.126 kg (approximately 0.28 pounds)

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Multicolored (Assorted Colors)

Description: Introducing the Ashtray Smoke Grinder, a 4-layer Herb Grinder that's as functional as it is stylish. 

This compact grinder is designed with an integrated ashtray, providing a convenient all-in-one solution for your smoking needs.

Made from durable aluminum alloy, this grinder is lightweight and built to last. 

The 4-layer herb grinding mechanism ensures a consistent and fine grind, enhancing the aroma and flavor of your herbs.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Ashtray Design: Offers a convenient place to tap off the ash and keep your smoking area clean.
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction: For a sturdy and long-lasting grinder that's easy to maintain.
  • Four-layer Grinding System: Delivers a finer and more even grind for a better smoking experience.
  • Multicolored Options: Available in assorted colors, adding a vibrant touch to your smoking accessories.
  • Assorted Color Dispatch: Your grinder will be shipped in a random color from our selection.

Why Choose Our Ashtray Smoke Grinder 4 Layers Herb Grinder?

  • For a grinder that combines functionality with convenience, perfect for both home and outdoor use.
  • Ideal for those who appreciate a seamless smoking experience with minimal mess.
  • Designed to meet the needs of smokers who value quality and efficiency.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ashtray Smoke Grinder 4 Layers Herb Grinder

Note: The dimensions provided in inches are approximations. The color of the grinder will be shipped in assorted colors, selected at random.