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Round Edged Herb Grinder

Round Edged Herb Grinder

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Aluminium Alloy Round Edge Herb Grinder 1Aluminium Alloy Round Edge Herb Grinder 2Aluminium Alloy Round Edge Herb Grinder 3

Description for Round Edged Herb Grinder

This rounded-edge weed grinder is smooth and comfy in the hands. 

The grip strips around the top and bottom make for easy use, and the recession machining ensures a smooth action. 

The cutting section of this grind has truncated triangular pyramid teeth and rounded triangular holes to allow the ground herbs to fall into the collection tray. 

The collection chamber has a screen in the base for separating the kief.


Material: Aluminium Alloy

Size: 63x54mm

Weight: 162g

Layer: 4 Layers

Color: Black

Package List:

1 x Herb Grinder

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