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Glass Spoon Pipe

The glass Spoon pipes are classic handheld glass pipes, consisting of four main parts: a mouthpiece, a bowl, a neck, and a carb. The mouthpiece varies among brands, while the bowl is used for packing dry herbs.

Simple Construction

The neck acts as the long tube connecting the mouthpiece to the bowl, and the carb, positioned on one side of the bowl, enables the regulation of airflow. This airflow control empowers you to adjust the intensity of your hits and moderate the pace of smoke inhalation.

Affordable Price

These glass spoon pipes are the cheapest smoking tool,with prices starting at only $15.99.Everyone can afford it, it is no burden for if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a bong or dab rig,a glass spoon pipe is the best choice.

Easy to Use

Spoon pipe is normal small devoice to consume herbs,easy to add your herb,light and smoke,you never find one can simple and convenient than the glass pipe spoon.

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