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It is known that a one hitter dugout is compact and portable, making it a must-have for stoners who are often on the go and need to leave home.

What is a Dugout?

A dugout typically accompanies a one-hitter and is usually made of high-quality wood, metal, or silicone. It is a rectangular box in appearance with two separate chambers: one smaller chamber used for the one-hitter and another larger chamber used for ground weed. The dugout one hitter includes a cover to conceal both chambers.

When you rotate the cover,the one hitter will jump out of box,you can catch it and pack the weed to enjoy smoking, it is really an interesting processing.

Features of Dugout


The compact design make it portable to be taken on the go,you can hold your dugout in your pocket or bag.The size is similar with the bag of cigarette,so it is easy to take.

Easy to use

The dugout is the simplest tool to consume weed, you just need to take the one hitter out,pack the ground weed,and then you can enjoy the smoking.

All-in-One Solution

A small box contains all you need to smoke, with the one-hitter and ground weed held separately in different chambers, allowing you to smoke whenever you wish.

Types of One Hitter Dugout


Metal dugout is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel,it is much durable than show the shine of sleek and design.


If the one-hitter dugout is made of wood, especially Sandalwood, it will spread the flavors of Sandalwood. Your body will also carry the aroma if you take the dugout on the go.


The dugout with a one-hitter is made of silicone, which is also highly durable. This silicone dugout is easy to clean and maintain in good condition.

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