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Meet our new Crystal Smoking Pipes,which are Made of genuine Crystals like Amethyst,Rose Quartz,Obsidian,and etc. Using our crystal pipes to elevate your smoking now!

Features of Crystal Pipe

Crystal has its natural cool character, which will cool the smoke when you smoke. You will find that smoking from a crystal pipe gives a cool hit to your throat, elevating your smoking experience.

It is easy to clean crystal pipes,smoke does not easily stick to the inner surface of the crystal pipe, so a small brush can clean it effectively.

Crystal is a special stone that possesses natural energy. This energy will flow through your body during smoking, allowing you to experience both the smoke hit and the energy hit.

The compact design allows for convenient portability, enabling smoking anywhere you desire, making it possible to enjoy your smoking experience on the go without limitations.

Kind Reminder:

1. All crystal weed pipes are hand-cut and polished, so the size is somewhat different from the description

2. Because the natural stone can not be 100% perfect, the color of the stone may not be similar actually.

3. Defects in natural stone products are inevitable. Cracks, chromatic aberration, trachoma, etc. inside the stone are naturally formed.

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